Old River Match Result 14th Sept 2019

We held another match on the Old River in Irlam today

Only a few anglers found the fish

1st Tony Shep 10lb 5oz – 3 lovely tench

2nd Pete Kay 2lb 5oz – a net of roach and small skimmers

We raised £30 for the restocking fund

Many thanks to Mike Donigan of Monton Bait & Tackle who donated a £10 tackle voucher for the winning angler.


We had planned to hold two further matches in September at Drinkwater Park and The River Irwell in Salford…. sadly both of these events have been cancelled. We will be announcing more fishing matches for October, November and December very soon.

Match photos below

A Historic Challenge From Broughton Angling Society Dated 1903

Back in 1903 it was commonplace for angling clubs to issue challenges to other local clubs..

We found this invitation to hold a fishing competition from Broughton Angling Society dated 1903 – challenging The Salford Friendly Anglers Society to a match.

I attended a Broughton Anglers Society meeting last night (the 5th Dec 2017) and showed their committee members this document – and informed them that we accept their challenge. Match to be held summer 2018 at Broughton Park Lake, Salford. I am looking forwards to them buying my tea!

Bring it on.

Here is a copy of the original challenge letter, with a deciphered version below.

Challenge Letter From Broughton Anglers 1903

Challenge Letter From Broughton Anglers 1903

Translated Copy of letter from Broughton Anglers 1903

Translated Copy of letter from Broughton Anglers 1903


The Freshwater Fish Preservation League


Minutes of the first meeting of the Freshwater Fish Preservation League

Minutes of the first meeting of the Freshwater Fish Preservation League

A meeting was held at the Swan Hotel, Fountain St, Manchester on the 11th November 1908 between committee members of The Salford Friendly Anglers Society, The County Palatine Angling Association and the Moss Side Social Angling Club with the remit of setting up a group of local angling associations dedicated to improving our sport by

1. Observing the close seasons.

2. To stop the taking of undersized fish for the table

3. To halt the practice of killing all fish before the weigh in at angling competitions.

4. To encourage all anglers to become “good sportsmen”

Long before the days when catch and release was the norm – most fish caught ended up as someones dinner.

At the turn of the 19th century it was common practice for match nets to be weighed in dead, and the fish sold by the fishing club match organising committee.

Obviously some enlightened anglers were wise to the fact that practices such as this were damaging our sport and decided to take appropriate action.

The meeting resulted in the formation of the Freshwater Fish Preservation League – who continued as an active organisation until the late 1950s. Indeed “The League” even formed their own match team who were recorded competing in post 2nd World War 1st Division National Matches.

Please click on these two documents below to see them in full size and have a read of what was decided upon one November evening in 1908


Hand Written Minutes Of The First Meeting Of The Freshwater Fish Preservation League

Hand Written Minutes Of The First Meeting Of The Freshwater Fish Preservation League

Over course of the next few weeks we will be adding more documents to our archive – and will create more links to documents and information about this organisation

Match Result 27th July 2016 River Irwell

Rain in the 24 hours preceding the match led to the river being up a foot, coloured and really pushing through – certainly not ideal conditions

8 anglers braved the conditions  – but only one angler landed a fish

Dennis 1

Congratulations to Dennis Mulcahy for landing the only fish of the night a 1.5lb chub – caught using maggot feeder tactics

Well done to all other competitors for sticking it out – and commiserations to those who bumped off good fish (it could have been so different !!)



Fishing Match Result 13th July 2016

The first of this years series of evening fishing matches was held at Piccadilly Basin on the Rochdale Canal….

A 5.30pm draw – and we fished from 6pm until 9pm

11 anglers turned out, with a mix of pole and rod and line approaches..

Ronan on peg 2 (nearest to the lock gates at Piccadilly) found the skimmers on maggot on the far side of the boat channel and caught a very respectable 4lb8oz.


Mike Duddy came second with 2lb2oz of roach caught on hemp and caster


Phil Clayton in 3rd place with 1lb2oz of roach


Nearly all anglers caught a couple of fish, with only one angler being unlucky to dry net…..


Summer Fishing Matches

We are going to hold some Wednesday evening fishing matches (its been a while).

In the true spirit of Salford Friendly Matches – you can feed your peg as soon as you have drawn, help and advice is given to any angler who might be a beginner – and serious verbal abuse given to those who claim excellence but don’t display any.

Irwell Roach

All matches draw at 5.30pm
Fish from 6pm to dusk
£3 to enter

13th July – Rochdale Canal – Piccadilly Basin, Manchester – M1 2HG

27th July – River Irwell – Mocha Parade, Salford – M7 1RE

3rd August – Waterdale – CANCELLED

10th August – Salford Quays – Ontario Quay – park at the Beefeater, Salford Quays – M50 3SQ

17th August – Old River Irwell – Ferry Lane, Irlam M44 6DN

To book on matches please email       admin@salfordfriendlyanglers.co.uk