Restocking Fund

UPDATE 21st February 2019 – MANY MANY THANKS – TO OUR WONDERFUL AND GENEROUS MEMBERS – WE HAVE ACHIEVED OUR TARGET !! – A full break down of how this money is going to be used to improve the fishing (and provide tuition for junior anglers) at Drinkwater Park is going to be published in the next 48 hours. MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU LOVELY GENEROUS PEOPLE.

Many Thanks to all who contributed – we’ve passed our target 6 weeks in advance of our end date.


Over the past 10 years, Salford Friendly Anglers Society has stocked more than ten thousand fish into local free fishing venues, without charging our members a penny.

We have managed to fund these restockings through a few successful grant applications, and a number of very generous donations from a small number of members ( you know who you are – very many thanks).

We would now like to ask club members to help us raise £3,000 to help us  restock Drinkwater Park Lake, and Agecroft Pond in 2019.

In previous years we have stocked (bought and paid for) 2,000 Crucians, 4,000 tench, 4,000 bream, 1,000 Rudd, 10,000 roach and 800 carp into our waters. In addition to reconstructing 30 pegs on the Old River, and siltexing both Broughton Park and Drinkwater Park Lakes on a regular basis.

We would like members to contribute to our restocking fund in two ways

Either by making a donation via your Paypal account – to or though the new shop section of our club website. If you click on the amount you would like to donate –  £5 £10 £20 £30 £50 £100 £250 £500 you will be taken to the appropriate page for that amount.

Secondly – by having a look in your tackle shed,,,, and sell any unwanted/unused tackle that you might have via ebay or similar, and then donating the amount you make via Paypal or our donations pages or in person at a club meeting or event.

Every little helps, and when combined with others we can achieve great things together.

Our restocking fund currently stands at £73.00 1st December 2018

Our restocking fund has now grown to £533 16th December 2018

Our restocking fund has now grown to £1,040 21st December 2018 – amazing please keep your donations coming.

With your continuing help and support – we can take on some more of the many waters that we are offered – and create more great free community fishing venues in Greater Manchester.

6″ carp Agecroft Pond

6″ Tench Broughton Park

2lb Carp Clowes Park

2lb Carp Broughton Park

6 inch barbel being stocked into the River Irwell at Salford Racecourse December 2011

6 inch barbel being stocked into the River Irwell at Salford Racecourse December 2011

It took 10 trips with the bin to and from the pick up truck – great to see so many big 1lb+ tench going into the Old River

10,000 roach being netted to go into Drinkwater Park Lake

More Roach For The Old River

Carp for Waterdale