River Douglas 11 April 2014

Didn't fancy going fishing this morning, but what to do if I didn't. No grass to cut, the hedge will … [Read More...]

Old River Restocking Feb 2014 007

Work Parties March 2014

Late last summer Drinkwater Park Lake had a 95% covering with blanket weed. It made fishing … [Read More...]

Eagley Brook 23 Mar 14

After last nights rain I wasn't expecting to find a river that was fish able, checked the EA river … [Read More...]


February Update

Hi Our next meeting is 7.30pm, Tuesday the 25th February 2014 at the Kings Arms, … [Read More...]


Our Fight Against Fly Tipping

When you have a river which has been used as an open sewer and conduit of waste for over 200 years - … [Read More...]


Bury Ground & farther down 5 Feb 14 More Pollution Hunting

Been out taking more photos of effluent outflows on the Irwell and Kirklees Brook, which joins the … [Read More...]

Hogweed On The Irwell

Giant Hogweed is now endemic on the Irwell. Its bloody everywhere - and none of our local … [Read More...]

Kick Sampling and Pollution Hunting 30 January 14

Went to my usual spot at Ewood Bridge on the Irwell and did a kick sample. 12 Cased Caddis and 12 … [Read More...]


River Irwell Above Rawtenstall 14 Jan 14.

When I got down to where the Limey joined the Irwell I started on up the Irwell. A bigger river than … [Read More...]


River Limey Rawtenstall to Crawshawbooth 14 Jan 14

In my blog "Walking from Rawtenstall to Burrs Country Park" in November I started down river from … [Read More...]