What A Cracker

Well done to SFAS member Stewart Carson who caught the brownie of a lifetime this evening from the River Irwell.

This cracking 10lb brown trout fell to a gold and red size 2 mepps, and was safely returned to the river.

It looks like a wonderfully strong, healthy fish with plenty of growing left to do – if it keeps growing it could easily go on to surpass the existing Irwell record brownie of 12lb 2oz.



  1. peter wood says

    Im probably wrong but is it not fly only until June 16th…. please inform and correct me if wrong…

  2. Hi Peter, I caught the Trout. All my large trout have fallen to spinners or plugs & I’m not aware of any restrictions on method on the river. Can Mike confirm?

  3. peter wood says

    I couldn’t agree more , I must be getting mixed up with salmon fishing…. I wonder what the reaction would be of some if found to be spinning or worming on the Lune or Ribble b4 June 16th…

  4. Tekst wartościowy, wiele wnoszący. Będę częściej zaglądać na stronę.

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