The Old River – Some Great News

At long last – we have some great news to share about the Old River Irwell in Irlam

We have been awarded a grant from a local charity The Hamilton Davies Trust to restock with 300 x 10″ inch tench – which should weigh in at a smidgen under a pound each.

These fish will be arriving shortly – and we let everyone know what day they are coming once we have confirmation of delivery date so people can see them being stocked.

The news gets even better…… The Hamilton Davies Trust  have agreed to fund a second restocking of tench next winter 2017 too !!

Isn’t that fantastic !

Now – we have good news on top of good news

Next week we are going to be able to announce some more good news for the Old River – the committee of Salford Friendly have been busy working on various projects/deals/grants over the last few months – and it appears as though our hard work is beginning to pay dividends…..

Watch this space – it will be updated very shortly with our new fishery improvement plan for the Old River.

re-stockig tench

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