Salford Quays Night Fishing Now Banned

The club are very sad to report that we have been in recent dialogue with Salford Council regarding anglers anti social behaviour whilst night fishing at Salford Quays.

Anglers making loud noise in the middle of the night, using the bushes as toilets in full view of residents etc has resulted in a number of complaints to the council.

The council have been in touch with the club, and asked us to enforce the NO NIGHT FISHING in our club lease (which we have previously been not adhering to).

It’s so sad that the behaviour of a very small minority has had a negative impact on the vast majority of anglers who have night fished the quays in the past without making any nuisance of themselves.

So… as from today — there is NO NIGHT FISHING on Salford Quays – with fishing only being permitted dawn until dusk.

The council have indicated that PCSOs will be patrolling the area at night and issuing fixed penalty notices to anglers deemed to be breaking the council regulations.

How sad, that a few imbeciles spoil it for everyone else.

The relevant clause in our lease states fishing from dawn to dusk only


The club have a number of other venues where we and our landlords have conveniently turned a blind eye to night fishing, whilst our lease states no night fishing.

Please please please be respectful of our neighbours – the club don’t want to stop people night fishing but will have to impose bans elsewhere if required to.




  1. David M. Evans says

    That small minority who let themselves and the general brotherhood of anglers down do not deserve membership of any club, or even hold a EA rod licence. Whilst the average bladder needs to be emptied every two to four hours it is obviously impossible to complete a twenty-four hour session, or longer, without nature taking its course, the majority of anglers manage to do so discreetly without resorting to indecent exposure.
    It is time to expel those people who break the law whilst angling from the club(s) to which they belong and to revoke their EA rod licences. Not just within our own club but in every club in the country.

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