Kingfisher Netting Cancelled

The EA found two category 2 parasites in the gills of the fish they took away from Kingfisher Lake for a health check earlier this week.

ergasilus sieboldi whitespotgills

This means that no further fish movements will be allowed to take place from this lake.

Both roach and bream had Ergasilus Sieboldi and Egasilus Briani infestations in their gills. Don’t ask me what this means its all Greek to me (or latin).

The upshot of it all is – no more nettings, no fish movements, and if the Forestry Commission wish to de-silt the lake – then they will have to do it with the fish still in the lake. If they do decide to go ahead with the de-silting, which is in every ones best interests, then we will try to protect fish stocks as best we can using aeration pumps to help combat the silt loading in the water.



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