Ian Hayes Retires

We don’t know whether to be happy or sad to hear the news that our local Environment Agency Fisheries Officer has taken early retirement.

Sad to hear that there will no longer be a calming, steady reliable, knowledgeable and helpful voice responding to our panicked calls when something is going wrong. Sad to hear that a we will no longer be able to draw on his vast knowledge of local fisheries. Sad to realise that we will miss working with him to improve our waters on a month by month basis.

However, we are happy that Ian has spent so long looking after fisheries in North Manchester, and is now taking early retirement that will give him more time to spend out on the bank catching them.

We are also thankful for all the work that Ian has done over the years – he has been a great champion of the River Irwell – and has had a hand in restocking 100s of thousands of fish into the River Irwell, and probably over half a million fish into the wider Greater Manchester River network. He has recorded all the fish he’s stocked into a little black book.

Most notably the recent years he has been responsible for the re-stockings of Grayling and Barbel. Both of these stockings have been a success as you can now catch both species of these fish on the River if you are in the right place. Lets hope these new fish go on to thrive, breed and create great sport of anglers in the future.

Irwell Grayling June 2020

We wish you all the best Ian for your retirement –  from everyone at Salford Friendly and the wider fishing community of Greater Manchester.

Ian Hayes – helping us re-stock the Old River in 2012


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