The 1903 Challenge Fishing Match

In 1903 – Broughton Angling Club issued a challenge to Salford Friendly Anglers Soc to fish an inter club match at a local venue – where the losers have to purchase tea for the winners.

115 years later – we have thrown down the gauntlet to Broughton Angling Club to re-run this match on Sunday the 10th June 2018.

The match to be fished at Broughton Park Lake, Salford…..

Challenge Letter From Broughton Anglers 1903

Challenge Letter From Broughton Anglers 1903


A venue that was once North Manchesters premier tench fishery but has fallen on hard times in recent years – we are working with Broughton Anglers to restore this lake to its former glories as a fishery.

Supported by the Angling Trust and by Salford Council – we have recently restocked the lake with carp and tench… and started a program of introducing new oxygenating water plants….

Here’s a view of some of our new fish




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