Vote For Fish !

It’s voting time again – please click this link to the Salford Council Recycle and Reward Scheme  and vote for Salford Friendly Anglers Society.

If we get enough votes – then we can get £1,000 to purchase fish for the Old River in Irlam

tench6 re-stocking tench tench3

It took 10 trips with the bin to and from the pick up truck - great to see so many big fish being stocked

Vote For Salford Friendly To Help Restock Salford Quays

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to vote – WE WON !!!

We will be purchasing a number of 3lb carp to the value of £1000 in the very near future to stock in Salford Quays

We will let everyone know when the fish delivery takes place so that anyone interested can see them being released……..

we won

Salford Council run a funding scheme called recycle and reward – where the general public can vote for good causes in Salford to receive £1000 to spend on a community project

We would like you to vote for us by clicking this link 

If we get enough votes to win – we will spend the £1000 buying carp to help restock Salford Quays

mirror carp

mirror carp

Agecroft Pond Gets Help From Salford 4 Good

Salford 4 Good


One of our club waters Agecroft Pond has been off most anglers radar for a while now. I think that might change !!

Located behind Forest Bank Prison, is a small lake tucked away, and only has half a dozen pegs.

During most of 2015, anglers were denied access to the lake as United Utilities and the Forestry Commission were conducting works nearby. A result of this work was that a new access road was constructed to take the heavy machinery needed to complete their works. Great News – a new access road.

In addition to the new access road to facilitate the construction of a new sewage pumping station, the Prison has also undertaken building works – resulting in section 106 monies (community improvement cash !) being payable to Salford Council – the conditions attached to this money was that it had to be spent near the Prison…. Now there are not that many community facilities/areas near the prison – so the money was spent on Agecroft Cemetry improvement works – and also on creating disabled fishing facilities on Agecroft Pond

These pics show the pond un-improved – and then with the new pegs. The new pegs are a bit in your face at the moment – but should a lot better with a soon to be applied tin of green hammerite paint.

So – now we have a pond with a new road, a car park, new benches and new pegs.  Brilliant.

18 months ago we stocked 1000 roach into Agecroft Pond – courtesy of the Forestry Commission.

Yesterday we secured a grant from the Salford Community Volunteer Service to restock 200 small carp into the lake.

Crucian Carp

Crucian Carp

common carp

common carp

Phil Clayton played a blinder answering the questions from a committee of 9 non fishers – and we came back home last night with a cheque for £750 – which was originally fund raised by people in Salford who wanted to make community improvements in our area.

How it used to be

How it used to be

How it is now

How it is now

And here are our new disability friendly pegs


New platforms

New platforms

Now we are looking forwards to a re-stocking of carp next week – and seeing the place take off as an angling venue.

Roach Rudd Perch Pike, the odd small chub, now crucians and small mirrors …. a great place to get some peace and quiet and a few fish too




Old River Irwell Gets “Bags Of Help”

Fantastic news – The Old River Irwell Restoration Project has been awarded £10,000 from the Tesco 5p carrier bags  “Bags Of Help” scheme. Thanks to everyone who voted for our project.

tesco bags of helpWe plan to use this grant money to re-build the disabled pegs behind the Boathouse Inn, to create a new public bird feeding area at the top end of the lake, and also to re-build 10 pegs and create new steps down to them.

Work should commence at the beginning of May 2016 and last a month.

In addition to this fantastic grant from Tesco to rebuild some of the fishing pegs, we have also recently been awarded a grant to £2226 from the Hamilton Davies Trust in Irlam – with this money being used to purchase 300 10 inch tench. This is part of our ongoing restocking program that commenced when re-took over the lease on this lake in 2012 after the devastating pollution incident in 2008.

And the good news doesn’t end there. We have also been successful in a bid to the Salford Councils Recycle and Reward Scheme – being granted £1,000 to re-furbish the 13 floating Islands we installed in 2013 on the Old River..

As you can imagine – we are thrilled to bits that grant giving organisations are recognising the hundreds of hours of volunteer work our members have already completed on this venue.

With new fishing pegs, new floating islands and an ongoing restocking program – things are looking up for the Old River in Irlam – a venue that Salford Friendly Anglers first stocked in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victorias Diamond Jubilee.