Kick Sample Training

Kick Sampling On Your Local River

kicksample3 Would you like to join us in doing something practical in Salford Friendly / Mersey Basin Rivers Trust water quality monitoring group ?

We are holding an Invertebrate Monitoring training session on Thursday 8th October 10am til 3pm in Bury (cost £70pp) for those interested in joining our small band of Invertebrate Kick Samplers. Please contact us via if you want to take part.

For the last few years, our club has been taking part in a national survey – run by the River Fly Partnership. Once a month – our volunteers go to a specific section of river which they have been allocated and count the numbers and species of insects that they find in the river bed.


Different species of invertebrates have differing tolerances to pollution – so by monitoring the species present, and the fluctuations in their numbers –we can gauge the health of the waterway.

We have been taking part in this national initiative on the Rivers Irwell and Roch since 2011, and are now looking to expand the number of rivers that we sample to include ALL RIVERS in the Greater Manchester area.

So – if you are interested in taking a keener interest in your local environment and doing something practical to help improve our local rivers, please get in touch and get involved.

Please take a look at this link – to see what Kick Sampling Involves