Fish Of The Year Winners 2020

It’s been a funny old year – = there appears to be no end to our current Covid ridden state. Getting out on the bank was impossible for part of the year and difficult for the rest of it.

That said some notable fish have been caught on the River Irwell, and on our clubs waters.

An honourable mention to young anglers Tiger Stamp, Kaden McCarthy and Adam Mack for some great specimens from Drinkwater Park and the River Irwell.

However in 2020 the overall winner is DEREK KENYON the captor of this amazing Irwell Grayling. Not the biggest fish – but please remember that the club were involved in the first ever stockings of Grayling into the River Irwell only 2 years ago – and we are all delighted to see this new species thriving in our river, with more and more of them being caught by anglers as the year 2020 progressed.  Lets hope these fish go on to breed and create great sport for us in the future. A link to a video of this restocking is at the bottom of this page.

Well done Derek – a £50 tackle voucher is on its way to you.

Fish Of The Year 2020 Derek Kenyon Irwell Grayling


Our runner up in 2020 is Jaroslaw Maksymiuk – who has caught a string of fantastic 20lb+ pike from Salford Quays during 2020. The picture below is just one of many that Jaroslaw has sent in to the club this autumn, he is a venue regular and many club members have commented on the number of great fish he has been catching. A bottle of Scotch is on the way to the runner up.

Fish Of The Year Runner Up 2020 Jaroslaw Maksymiuk

And lastly – you might have noticed that the club have been asking for and publishing family fishing photos for the past few years.

The committee have now decided to add a new section to our Fish Of The Year Awards – and have added a new award for the best Junior Angler of the year. This year the club has decided that the first ever winner of the Junior Fish Of The Year is Remy Retford – for some superb captures of Tench, Carp and Eels from the Old River Irwell in Irlam during summer 2020. Ably assisted by his grandfather Kevin Retford (top Grand-Dadding) and his dad Dean.  Some really nice photos shared on our Facebook page this summer.  Congratulations Remy – £50 of tackle vouchers are on their way to you.

Fish Of The Year 2020 Junior Winner Remy Retford Eel

Fish Of The Year 2020 Junior Winner Remy Retford Tench


Congratulations to ALL anglers in our Society who have been out and caught fish in what has been a torrid year for our health, families and work.

The club have only held 1 meeting all year, no matches, no work parties and no social events.

We would normally be holding a winter/Christmas social evening – obviously this can’t take place this year — we will be hosting a social evening as soon as it is practical and will make a formal presentation to all our Fish Of The Year Winners and Runners Up in our traditional manner.

Lastly — a merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

The very kindest of regards from Salford Friendly Anglers Society


Video Below – the first ever stocking of Irwell Grayling