An Account Of Match Fishing 1898

Here is a letter from Thomas Hare – which we found in our archives – which details his families association with Salford Friendly – and how  fishing matches were conducted in the 19th Century..

Most of our current committee members agree that the sacks of potatoes would be the pick of the prizes

There is a readable translation of this letter below the picture of the letter

Fishing Match 1898


Fishing Letter 1898 translation

Thomas Hare

I joined the Salford Friendly Anglers in 1898 – a member 36 years

My father an old member would have the about the same years, making our membership 72 years.

4 sons respective membership totals 26 years

Total membership for 3 generations 98 years

The Salford Friendly used to fish the annual match on Saturday afternoon at Barton Moss . The members would be about 40 in those days they did not use bait cans or keep nets and each competitor was allowed a runner that means to say that the angler when he caught a fish he could send it to be weighed by anybody on the bank and he remains at his number or go himself to the weighing place used to be about the middle of the match length and there was two men sat down at the table weighing all the fish that came and then put into 2 buckets. The match was for the heaviest single fish.

The prizes were blankets, sheets, dinner services, tea services, clogs, shoes, sacks of potatoes

My father had a very good record in match fishing and he used to fish with a line made of horsehair