200 Year Anniversary Challenge

Salford Friendly Anglers Society turns 200 years old on the 2nd April 2017 – to celebrate our bicentenary we will be holding a number of special events and competitions.

Our first event is the  “200 Year Anniversary Challenge”
This challenge is quite simple – catch as many different species of freshwater fish as you can in 2017
We have listed 45 fish species to have a go at. (see the list below)

The whole idea of this challenge is to challenge yourself – to catch fish you have never caught before, to visit venues you have never fished before, and to try techniques you have never used before….. the emphasis is on going out and enjoying your fishing.

Anglers who catch 20 species of fish will win an enamel badge, those who go on to catch 30+ will win an embroided cloth badge to sew on their fishing jacket
You do not need to send us your pictures of captures – the whole competition runs on an honesty basis – just catch the fish, then come along to a club meeting to collect your badge.

At the end of the year, we will award 3 special prizes for the anglers who catch the highest number of different species on bait, lure or fly….. so there is something to go at for anglers of all disciplines.

Have fun – catch fish

The List

  1. Roach

  2. Rudd

  3. Perch

  4. Tench

  5. Bream

  6. Silver Bream

  7. Pike

  8. Salmon

  9. Sea Trout

  10. Brown Trout

  11. Rainbow Trout

  12. Char

  13. Grayling

  14. Vendace

  15. Schelly

  16. Pollan

  17. Dace

  18. Chub

  19. Gudgeon

  20. Ruffe

  21. Minnow

  22. 3 Spined Stickleback

  23. 9 Spined Stickleback

  24. Bullhead

  25. Stoneloach

  26. Spined Loach

  27. Barbel

  28. Bitterling

  29. Catfish

  30. Smelt

  31. Bleak

  32. Shad (Twaite or Allis)

  33. Eel

  34. Lamprey (brook, river or sea)

  35. Carp

  36. Crucian Carp

  37. Brown Goldfish

  38. Zander

  39. Motherless Minnow/ Sunbleak

  40. Grass Carp

  41. Ide/Orfe

  42. Pumpkinseed

  43. Sturgeon

  44.  Flounder
  45.  Mullet

Over the next few days – we will add links giving locations where you can catch some of these lesser known fish, and the best times of the year to try for them

Don’t forget to keep checking into our popular Facebook page to see how other club members are getting on.

Good Luck