North West Street Lure Festival 2016 – Result

27 anglers took part – on a sunshine bathed Salford Quays

Nearly everyone caught fish – with the winner being decided on the total length of fish caught

1st place Steven Wilson 553 cm (18ft 2 inches)

Winner - Steven Wilson 553cm - great bit of fishing

Winner – Steven Wilson 553cm – great bit of fishing




2nd place Matus Strohner 470 cm (15ft 5 inches)

3rd place Cosmin Antonie 420 cm (13ft 9 inches)

4th place Dragos Dumitrescu 283 cm (9 ft 3 inches)

5th place Craig Evans 280 cm (9 ft 2 inches)

6th place Branislav Kosak 197 cm (6ft 6 inches)

7th place Alexander Takacs 194 cm (6ft 4 inches)

7th place Maciej Szuchmilski 194 cm (6ft 4 inches)

9th place Mindaugas Petrikas 187 cm (6ft 2 inches)

10th place Craig Gilbert 180 cm (6 ft ) – awesome thats SIX FEET of fish !! as tall as me in perch – well done Craig !!

10th place Gregorz Pawlak 180 cm (6ft )

A great effort from everyone concerned – and a great social event both before and after the competition

Many thanks to our event sponsors 

I will add more photos below as people send them in to me

pre match

pre match

pre match

pre match

pre match - discussing tactics

pre match – discussing tactics

getting ready

getting ready

ready for the off

ready for the off

Possible KHV at Salford Quays


Four club members have walked the entire circumference of the Quays this morning (two groups of two). Conditions were perfect for fish spotting.

There are no signs of any fish in distress – there was one small carp dead floating in the corner of Ontario Basin – it had damage and maggots in its gills – highly likely that this fish was the one that was reported to be in distress yesterday..

So – our KHV scare is now hopefully over – please be extra vigilant so that we can respond immediately if there are mulitple fish deaths.

We have no regrets about raising this issue – better to be a PANIC FANNY and take the safety first option – than to ignore issues and hope they go away on their own..

As ever – being vigilant and reporting things is our best defence against disease – the most important way to prevent the transfer of disease is to dry out your nets and tackle between fishing trips !!

 The club committee would like to thank the angler who reported this fish in the first place – well done.



A carp was caught today which showed possible symptoms of KHV

We are calling the EA first thing in the morning – and will take things from there………..

However until we are able to provide an update – its best if ALL ANGLERS treat the Quays as though KHV is present…….. please disinfect nets and tackle after use

Lets hope that the fish which was caught showing symptoms today – is located again quickly — will all anglers please keep their eyes skinned and report anything unusual/abnormal to us via

Here a pic of the diseased fish which was caught today …


quays carp2


Salford Quays Fishing Match Result 10th August 2016

An  eagerly anticipated evening match fished from 6 until 9pm.

10 anglers fished – nearly all using rod and line (slider or tip)

Salford Quays F

But the weather was against us = strong wind and driving rain made fishing difficult – and weights were lower than expected.

Salford Quays Perch


1st place Karl Tucker 1lb 6oz (a single perch caught down the edge on maggot)
2nd place Darren Smith 1lb 2oz  (4 perch on the slider / worm)
3rd place Derek Kenyon 4oz

The fish were there though and a few anglers had hard luck stories of missed big fish….

We will be holding more matches on the Quays this year – so watch out for updates to the match calendar