Update 2. The Friendly Anglers Fund August 2019

Balance of the Friendly Anglers Fund at the end of July – £230.00

Contributions In August 2019

Auction of Bob Church X-Weave fly rod  £25

Old River Match 3rd August £35

Old River Match 17th August £35

Donations £245 (from our Just Giving page supporting anglers running Drinkwater Park Half Marathon)

Standing Orders £15

Total raised in August 2019 – £355

Running Total £585.00  — £340 in bank  £245 in Just Giving a/c

You can donate directly to The Friendly Anglers Fund via paypal to admin@salfordfriendlyanglers.co.uk

Or we prefer a monthly standing order to:

Salford Friendly Anglers Soc

Sort Code 010720  A/c No.49121413

Please remember that it is our intention to NEVER SPEND A PENNY OF THE ORIGINAL DONATIONS TO THIS FUND…  we will instead spend 50% of the interest/investment return we make each year on fishing and fishing related projects on publicly accessible waters.

A number of anglers have decided to run the Drinkwater Park/13 Arches Half Marathon – you can sponsor these anglers raising money for the Friendly Anglers Fund via our Just Giving Page… click this link.