Old Blog Closed Down

As part of our website upgrade – we will no longer be contributing to the old blogsite www.salfordfriendlyanglers.blogspot.com 

All future news, notifications, pictures and fun stuff will now appear on this new site.



Our work parties can be good fun. We look forwards to seeing you this winter on the bank somewhere




  1. Jack Carter says

    Hi Mike.
    Fishing the Old River regularly.Catching plenty of Roach and Perch,mostly small stuff although the Roach run to about 14oz.Pike are a nuisance!
    taking fish off the hook.I’ve had two big ones on,didn’t manage to land them.Caught two nice Eels and also a couple of nice Skimmers although they don’t seem to show up very often.Saw three Kingfishers on one occasion made my day.Cheers Jack.

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