Irwell Water Quality

We’ve been asking for information about water quality on the River Irwell from the EA since 2010.

Our initial request was met by a very swift “thats impossible”

But at a meeting this summer – the EA suddenly produced this data about Ammonia levels in the Irwell





Now this was fantastic information – showing in a single set of charts how Ammonia levels in the river have been falling since 2006. So we immediately asked the logical next question – If you can do this for Ammonia, why can’t you do the same for dissolved oxygen and phosphate levels. (Now I wish I had asked for more !!

So – after a wait of more than a few months, the following information arrived in my inbox this afternoon.

Dissolved Oxygen in the Irwell



And the following information about Phosphate levels



So I’d like to thank the people at the EA (especially the person who put these charts/info together for us) for staying engaged with us. It will be great to receive further information on an annual basis about the continuing reduction in Phosphates and Ammonia in our river, and we look forwards to maintaining high levels of dissolved oxygen which is so vital for aquatic life. A sort of annual rivers audit would be a great step forwards in public engagement.

Do any of our more scientific minded members think that we should be asking the EA for data on any other important water quality indicators ?

Wouldn’t it be great if similar information could be produced for the Rivers Irk, Roch, Medlock, Tame, Goyt and Mersey.