The Irwell Roach Project

Back in the late 90s and early 2000’s some massive bags of roach were taken from all over the lower Irwell system.

I myself had two bags of over 50lb (all roach), one from a peg in the Ordsall area, the other slightly downstream of Adelphi.


However, in recent years the ever increasing cormorant population has decimated the rivers roach population.

On the Hampshire Avon a group of committed anglers have got together to do something about it.

Avon Roach Project Video

Avon Roach Project Website

A few people connected to Salford Friendly have expressed an interest in replicating this project on the River Irwell.

If you think you might be interested in helping get a project like this off the ground, please leave a comment in the box below this post.

Some peoples view is that this type of project is futile as the cormorants will eat whatever fish we can grow. Others have the view that our roach fry are being swept downstream every time the river floods and cant get back upstream because of all the weirs. Or that periodic pollution incidents have wiped out whole breeding year classes of fish, and that the roach just havent been able to survive.

Again – if you have a view on why there are less roach in the river, and what can be done about it, please leave your comments below………




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