Dereks First Grayling Trip

First proper Grayling session,
Sundays forecast was not the best and lying in bed listening to the rain on the windows didn’t inspire me to get up. As I drove down to the Chester the weather started to brighten up, my plan was to head down to the Dee and see if I could catch myself a nice Grayling or two.

Derek Grayling
I’d only ever caught a small one years ago on the Dane so I was keen as Pete had reported catching some lovely ones over a pound. First stop was Eccleston Ferry just south of Chester and maybe having a couple of hours and see how it went with the option of moving south to the Alyn a small river near Wrexham. Eccleston Ferry is a lovely spot with pegs next to where you part making it ideal for those who struggle to walk any distance. I’d not fished the Dee before so noting the heavy boat traffic I started on the Stick 2 rod lengths out, with others around me opting for the Feeder. The river lends its self nicely to the stick float but after an hours good presentation and not a sniff I was starting to think of making a move. Next cast push the decision as I said good by to my rig and called it a do. Walking back to the car it was obvious talking to the locals that it was going to be a hard day as only one had had a couple of small fish on the feeder.
Next stop was the Alyn (thank you satnav) situated just 10 minutes away I was hoping it would save another blank. First impressions this small river doesn’t look much but Pete had assured me that it has some lovely Grayling tucked away in the deeper runs. As I set up under the bridge things didn’t look good as it was howling down-stream making it difficult to make out the deeper runs. With 2′ of fast water to go at it wasn’t my usual choice, and I was surprised to catch a few small Trout and a lovely 3/4 pound Lady of the river. (a proper Grayling) which give a good account of its self before gracing the net. Just a word of warning for those of you like me who have not caught a Grayling before, they have to be handled with care as they are more fragile than any other fish I’ve caught and don’t like being out of the water for long. As mooching was the order of the day I headed down stream trying a few likely spots as I went and managed a few more Trout and Grayling before the Wind got the better of me and I called it a do.
With the sun shining and with time to spare I set off down river to see if I could find where the Alyn reaches the Dee, Pete had only gone part way down and we weren’t sure how far down it was but always out for an explore I followed the right bank till eventually I spotted a boat in the distance and eventually reached the Dee.
We had talked about fishing the end of the Alyn but that proved to be too shallow for my likes and I fancied the look of the Dee with steady deep water on the in side of a large bend just up river and sheltered with the wind coming straight over the high back. With my rod still set up I was fishing straight away and enjoying the best part of the day, with the sun just starting to go down with not a sole around. In that last hour I managed to put 5 big Grayling on the bank the biggest being 1.11 lb well worth all the effort. The 20 min walk back soon passed and I got to the car just as it was going dark, I’d made the most of a fickle day and been rewarded with some cracking Grayling.
If you’ve not caught one before make sure you put it on next years list.
Regards Derek

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